February - June 2022 The CFO Series

Hone Your Financial Edge

As the organization’s financial go-to you didn’t get where you are by coasting or turning a blind eye. As new guidance is released you find answers and seek out information so that you and those that require your guidance stay sharp.

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Select from two formats:

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Day Trippers 

1 Full-Day In-Person
For Series A – only

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Early Riser

2 Consecutive Morning Sessions Virtual
For Series A or B


Series A

Choose 1 Full Day In-person (offered once monthly)
OR 2 Consecutive Mornings Virtual

Fine Tune Your Finances

Do more with less-financial management can take proactive steps that prevent the need to ‘play catch up’ as well as take the lead in strategic cash flow decisions.

Creating A Competitive Advantage

Three things can happen when pricing and two of them are bad- discuss the accountant’s role in pricing strategy, contemporary cost concepts as well as cost and pricing models.

Preparing for Change

Since we see change daily, it’s difficult to recognize it as a key risk- become even more adept at the pattern of change, find the keys to fixing systems risk and avoid the most common mistake that managers are making.

Financial Communications

American businesses report losing $400 billion a year to unclear writing that wastes time and even kills contracts- leverage metrics and your financial acumen drive performance and communicate value.

360 Degree Budgeting

Traditional budgeting produces stale results, fatiguing both financial and cross-departmental leadership



Series B

Only offered in 2 Consecutive Mornings Virtual

Preparing for Growth

Optimize working capital and adapt to the market with an integrated capital budgeting approach to impact your bottom line and discover how to fully utilize the power of your internal audit team to improve controls and productivity while reducing cost and risk.

Balance Sheet Management

Take a holistic approach to financial statement analysis as we look at key considerations in financing, understanding and making decisions with your cost of capital and finally, showing some TLC to your own personal net worth.

Numbers Rule the World!

How can a numbers person master the art of communication? Identify the big picture, your role in communicating it so that stakeholders can understand and evaluate and manage continuity risk.

Corporate Performance Management

Many leaders become frustrated with poor strategic execution- whether due to intuition-based decision making, traditional managerial accounting methods, or complexity that leaves us drowning in data but starving for meaning- let’s talk about the opportunities.

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